BlackBurst was created out of passion for great technology and innovation. We deliver full service for both TV and Live Events.
Entertainment, Sports, Game Shows. We partner with our Clients to create big ideas and translate them into a great digital experience.
So far we mesaured 1M heartbeats, 50M kilometers, 500M votes. We constantly create and develop new ideas and devices.
We Are Trust In Technology
BlackBurst was created out of passion for great technology and innovation. Our team of Producers, Graphic Designers and Developers create products and services compatible with leading technology.
  • black.VISION
    real time rendering engine
    We are creators and users at the same time. This is why our rendering engine is complete.
    measurement system
    Custom made system of sensors and antennas enables visualization of live data directly from cars.
  • be.SOCIAL
    social media feed system
    Integrate and manage all your hashtags and user-generated content in one place.
  • v.CRANE
    tracked camera crane
    Advanced device for Virtual Studios that opens completely new possibilities for producers.
  • c.HEART
    wireless heart rate visualization
    Wireless system to measure heart rate of a game show’s contestants in real-time.
  • Streaming
    Video streaming with advanced features. Big live sports events and concerts, live tv shows.
  • Graphics OB VAN
    Most powerful GFX OB VAN in this part of Europe. All you need to create outstanding on-air graphics.
  • Second Screen Apps
    Connect with your fans and enhance the viewing experience by creating new ways of storytelling.