Products & Services
  • black.VISION
    real time rendering engine
    We are creators and users at the same time. This is why our rendering engine is complete.
    We applied best solutions to build this fast and powerful graphics engine.

    • 4k/HD/SD SDI Playback
    • 2 fill/key channels
    • Up to 9 video inputs
    • 3D scenes with advanced shaders
    • Integration with many protocols and devices
    • API for external control
    • Support for non-standard resolutions (eg. 7680x1200)
    measurement system
    Custom made system of sensors and antennas enables visualization of live data directly from cars.
    We are able to create a virtual dashboard with unique live data during the race. Installation in a car takes less than 30 seconds, is completely “invisible” for drivers and does not interfere with car parameters.
    • Data analysis of the car’s speed, throttle, braking
    • G-Force measurement
    • Distance between cars
    • Position on the track
    • Integration with many protocols and devices
    • Distance to finish line
  • be.SOCIAL
    social media feed system
    Integrate and manage all your hashtags and user-generated content in one place.
    Engaging on social media is one of the best ways to build brand trust and audience engagement and now you can integrate user-generated content into your websites or screens. You can spread your message across multiple channels and broadcast any related hashtags live.
  • v.CRANE
    tracked camera crane
    Advanced device for Virtual Studios that opens completely new possibilities for Producers.
    Compatible with FreeD Protocol which enables instant calibration and integration with most common graphic engines. Tested at countless TV productions.
    • Head Tilt And Pan
    • Crane Tilt And Pan
    • Zoom, Focus
    • Fast and simple calibration process
    • FreeD Protocol integration
    • Integration with VizRT, BlackVision and more
  • c.HEART
    wireless heart rate visualization
    Wireless system to measure heart rate of a game show’s contestants in real-time. Thanks to the technology we applied it’s possible to measure up to 16 contestants at once within a range of 100 meters.
  • speedTRAP
    Laser Speed Measurement
    Specially designed and built for BlackBurst. Allows to instantly determine motorbike’s speed. Wireless system sends the information to our OB Van, where the data is being transformed into on-air graphics. Viewers can see on their screens velocities of all motorbikes and general classification of the fastest players.
  • Streaming
    Video streaming with advanced features.
    We are experienced in big live sports events and concerts.
    We offer:
    • multi-camera streaming with option to switch between video feeds in any time
    • streaming with many audio tracks embedded in video (eg. Live video with 3 language versions)
    • displaying additional content such as subtitles, lyrics or graphical visualizations
    • streaming content to Facebook, YouTube or our own CDN
    • full range of resolutions (320x240 to 4K)

  • Graphics OB VAN
    It's the most powerful GFX OB VAN in this part of Europe.
    Production team is provided with all needed tools to create outstanding graphics in real time in SD, HD and 4K


    • up to 8 HD 2 channel graphic engines
    • 4 operator posts
    • streaming up to 6 HD signals concurrently via cable and LTE connections
    • 2 ME HD vision switcher with 16 inputs and 8 keyers
    • 6 HD broadcast cameras
    • Simultaneous recording of 4 HD signals
    • wireless video and data connections
    • wireless communication system
  • Second Screen Apps
    Connect with your fans.
    Use Second Screen Apps to create new ways of storytelling and enhance viewing experience.
    You can measure your viewers engagement and deliver related content or real time updates. Our in-house team of developers and graphic designers will create an app right for you and your show.