• TV Shows
    TV Shows are a big part of our portfolio. Voice of Poland, Fifeen to One or Money drop just to name a few. We know that every show has its own challenges and needs an individual approach. We deliver full support for game shows systems and make sure our software and hardware are user friendly. By continually reviewing and developing our technology we make sure that we can always meet high standards of TV production.
    • Production team
    • Display systems
    • Graphic design
    • Systems for CG Operators
    • Interactive interfaces for contestants and hosts
    • Systems for editors and directors (CMS)
    • Integration with light system, vision switcher, sound mixers and other peripherals
    • Reports and logs
    • Second screen application with user profiling
  • Game Mechanics
    Game Show is a complicated mechanism. We make sure that all elements are in place and work perfectly. With our devices and systems you can engage your audience like never before. We offer Touch Screens, Gesture Recognition, Voting Devices, Timers, Heartbeat Sensors with real time visualisations and operating systems for them.
    • Lock-Out Devices
    • Buzzers
    • Wireless Control Devices
    • Visual Displays
    • Audience Voting Devices
    • Custom made Light and Sound Integration Systems
    • Interactive podiums
  • Interactive Interfaces & Voting Systems
    We do not limit our services only to developing specific interfaces for presenters and contestants. We also provide multi-purpose wireless pilots for bigger groups in TV studios to enable the audience participation in a show. We provide software and hardware.
    • Interactive LCD screens
    • Touch screens
    • Wireless pilots for audience (up to 500 pilots in 50m x 50m TV studio)
    • Gesture recognition
    • Interactive stands for contestants
    • Mobile apps for iOS / Windows Phone / Android with voting capabilities
    • Wireless pilots
    • Mass voting on mobile devices up to million users
  • Graphic Design
    We are passionate about graphics. And we know how it can enhance a TV show. We create broadcast graphics and channel branding. Our creative team uses its diverse background in broadcast media to produce unique imagery. Our work is seen on a number of popular TV shows throughout Europe.
    • Title Graphics
    • Intro/Opening Sequences
    • Channel Branding
    • Studio Design
    • Display systems
  • Show CMS Systems
    With our cutting-edge tools you can focus on the most important thing - engaging your viewers and making sure that your show is running smoothly. Our systems are clear and easy to use for editorial teams. They can prepare content and then easily access database and metadata. All departments of a production team can have access to the system and exchange information. No more paper, no more delays.