Sport Solutions
  • Pegasus Measurment System
    Custom made system of sensors and antennas enables visualization of live data directly from cars.
    We are able to create a virtual dashboard with unique live data during the race. Installation in a car takes less than 30 seconds, is completely “invisible” for drivers and does not interfere with car parameters.
    • Data analysis of the car’s speed, throttle, braking
    • G-Force measurement
    • Distance between cars
    • Position on the track
    • Distance to a finish line
  • Laser Speed Measurement
    Specially designed and built for BlackBurst. Allows to instantly determine motorbike’s speed. Wireless system sends the information to our OB Van, where the data is being transformed into on-air graphics. Viewers can see on their screens velocities of all motorbikes and general classification of the fastest players.
  • ON-AIR Graphics
    Graphics are a vital part of a broadcast. They allow data to be in context and in real-time. Augmented Reality sequences for game analysis can enhance the viewing experience. We know that sports broadcasting is a fast-paced environment, that is why we created dedicated tools, to make a process of creating and interacting with virtual graphics within a live video, quick and easy. We also developed and use tracking systems (and sensor-free tracking) to apply virtual graphics explanation videos (on the pitch while football game).
  • Data Scouting Systems & Live Results
    Building and operating systems for televised sports is what we do for many years now. There are hundreds of successful sports broadcasts in our portfolio. From Tour de Pologne and Car Racing to Ski Jumping and Windsurfing.

    We can integrate any database and timing system as well as equipment commonly used in sports such as GPS, photo-finish, RFID chips, sports information systems and meteorological devices. We provide our own IT OB Van which operates as a main hub integrating various subsystems and we have a team of professional sports broadcasters who coordinate graphic servers, measurement and timing systems, scouting and news software, GPI control system or tracking devices.
    For more accuracy we also designed our own Sports Information System.